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Zillertal & our holiday apartments with sauna

Both warmly recommended

You are in luck. During your holiday in our 4-star Pension Jakober you get to run around in Zillertal’s fresh air to your heart’s content, then relax in our small wellness oasis afterwards. Warmth, scents and light are great for the body and calming for the mind. Your time-out couldn’t be any more lovely!


Relaxing full or partial body massage using the targeted power of water. Warm jets of water come into contact with the base of the natural rubber lounger area, massaging the body in arc-shaped, even motions. Fully clothed, with no need to get undressed and no need to shower afterwards. Easy to operate and quick to use at any time. Have back problems or maybe you would like to finish off a sports activity with something that really does you some good? Enjoy a relaxing 20 minutes.

Steam bath

Particularly beneficial for body and mind. A steam bath promotes circulation, alleviates stress and relaxes tense muscles. The pleasant 45 °C means it can be enjoyed by those of who cannot tolerate a great deal of heat.

Finnish sauna

At a temperature of around 90 °C and very low humidity, enjoy a healthy sweating session in our Finnish sauna. Afterwards the best thing to do is cool off in the fresh air and enjoy calm moments in the relaxation room.

Infrared cabins

The heat of an infrared cabin is very soothing for the circulation. It stimulates circulation, relaxes muscles, detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system.


Bathing in our whirlpool provides a sparkling experience. Relaxation and tranquillity set in as you enjoy a massage from the bubbling warm water.

Relaxation room

Enjoy the beneficial atmosphere in the lovely ambience of our relaxation room. It is up to you whether you enjoy a sleep, read a good book or just let your thoughts wander. Enjoy your joy-filled moments!

Scope for cosiness

Comfort and cosiness in every nook. Enjoy a relaxing slumber, privacy and scope for reveries. Our rooms and apartments are guaranteed to suit your requirements.

Lovely details and comprehensive facilities ensure maximum well-being. Enjoy cosy moments during your time-out in Zillertal!

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