Most warmly recommended

It is time for feeling good in the Jakober

You are lucky. When you holiday in the Hotel Jakober you can really let yourself go in the fresh air and when you get back, you can rest and recuperate in out fitness suite. Warmth, scent and light do the body good and calm the spirit. What could be nicer on holiday than that!

NEW: Watermassage with WELLSYSTEM.

The Hydrojet-Technology - Relaxation for body and soul.

The dry water massage unit by Wellsystem provides all from a gentle application up to powerful massages for every target group. Warm water jets make regular, circular movements against the underside of the natural rubber bed and massage the body from top to toe. The soothing warmth stimulates the circulation and activates the entire metabolism.

Steam bath

A steam bath is particularly beneficial for body and soul. The blood circulation is stimulated, stress is relieved and muscular tensions are released. The pleasant 45 °C is very well suited to those who are unable to put up with great heat.

Finnish sauna

With a temperature of some 90 °C and very low humidity, you can sweat yourself fit in our Finnish sauna. Then the best thing to do is cool off in the fresh air and relax in the rest-room.

Infrared cabins

The warmth in the infrared cabin is very gentle on the circulation. Circulation is improved, muscles are relaxed, the body detoxified and purified and the immune system regulated.


A bath in our whirlpool is an effervescent experience. While you allow the warm, bubbling water to massage you, you will find the peace and relaxation you have earned.


Enjoy the beneficial peace and quiet in the pleasant surroundings of our rest-room. Here it is entirely up to you whether you take a nap, read a good book, or just let your thoughts wander.